What’s the true cost of a used car?
The quote for a new car at a drive away price includes a complete breakdown of all the costs, e.g. GST, stamp duty and all government taxes and gives you a drive away price. When purchasing a used car, it excludes government fees such as stamp duty, title transfer and registration because they are the buyer’s responsibility. These can add to thousands on top of the price of the car that the buyer is required to pay upfront. If you’re unaware of these costs and they’re not included in your loan amount, it can come as a shock. Therefore, this can sometimes mean a new car at a drive away price ends up costing less than a used car. We can help you determine what the best option for you is so that you’re not shocked by a hefty bill.
Pros and cons of buying from a dealer vs private seller

Pros Cons
Handle all the paperwork associated with title transfer and registration Charge higher prices than a private seller
Cars have been thoroughly inspected and repaired
Can offer additional services
Can help with custom solutions or special equipment
Statutory warranty from dealer


Pros Cons
More negotiating room with a private seller More risk involved and less buyer protection
Easier to find a lower priced car than at a dealership Might sell the car “as is” so it may need repairs
Requires more research on the buyer’s side
Buyer and seller responsible for all paperwork
Marketplace does attract online scammers
What’s the difference between warranty and insurance?
When buying a vehicle, there is often confusion between a warranty and insurance. They both offer different types of protection and both are good to have. A car warranty is designed to cover mainly manufacturing defects or issues with parts of the car. Car insurance, on the other hand, is designed to protect your car once you’re driving in cases such as a collision, theft, fire or a natural disaster. For example, if you were to have a collision and it was your fault, then comprehensive insurance would cover most of the cost of repairs for you and the other party’s car.
How much will it cost to work with Car Hoot?
To work with Car Hoot is free of charge for you. We get a small referral fee from the third party once the purchase of the vehicle is complete. This means we are completely unbiased as to what vehicles we recommend to you as we don’t have any affiliations with any brands.
Can I get financing with Car Hoot?
Yes, our partner company, Finwise Finance, can assist you with financing your vehicle. They have access to over 30 trusted leading lenders and will compare them to find you the best option for your situation.
How long does it take to get pre-approval?
The pre-approval process will take 10-20 minutes to complete the application and can be submitted on the same day. Then pre-approval is granted by the lender.
Can you organise a test-drive for me?
Absolutely! Test driving a car is crucial before making a purchase so that you know it’s the right car for you. We can organise a test drive that is convenient for you and the dealer.
How is my car delivered?
We can organise pick up or delivery for your new car, depending on what’s most convenient for you. Just ask one of our friendly car buying agents. We can also organise transport to regional, remote and interstate destinations. Covid-Friendly Click and Collect is also available.
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