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When it’s time to sell your car, meeting potential buyers who cancel at the last minute or trying to find good value when selling to a dealer can be difficult and frustrating.
Leave it to us! We take the hassle out of selling your car and ensure you get value for your vehicle to put towards your new wheels!

trade car

Our simple online trade-in process will tell you what your car is worth:

  • We ask for snaps of your car (we will give you a list of the photos we need).
  • We ask for your car details, like manufacture year, KMs, tyres, condition, etc.
  • We will send an independent valuer to your location for a final inspection of the car.

Sell your car at the highest price

Car Hoot has dealer group connections throughout Australia and will tender your car for sale to the highest bidder. This way, you’re not restricted by your location, number of buyers or your sale options. Plus, we take care of the entire process for you so it’s completely hassle-free.

Maximise your trade in value

Car Hoot can help you maximise trade in value from your existing dealer or find a higher bidder. We ensure you get the best deal for your car while you’re purchasing your new car.

Seek alternate tender for sale

If for some reason, your trade-in options aren’t what you’d like, we can also find an alternate tender for sale before you purchase your new car – completely hassle-free.

Fair evaluation

You deserve a fair valuation from your current dealer, which is why we have our independent panel of car experts give you a valuation.
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